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Animal Life
Baseball and the Mets
Bob Marley
Counter Culture
Historical Images
Led Zeppelin
Legendary People
Marthas Vineyard
Over The Vineyard
Petes Latest Pics 2014
Reggae and Jamaica
SEASONS on The Vineyard
Selected Images from THROUGH THE LENS
Still Life and Abstractions
Street Life Social Commentary
The Grateful Dead
The Simon Taylor Collection
The Vineyard Calendar 2019

Animal Life (74)
Peter has been surrounded by animals all his life.dogs, cats, goldfish, cows, goats, chickens to name a few. Living on a hippie commune in the 70's, and then on the Vineyard since the 80's, Peter has captured the human interest that gives this category it's spice of life.
Baseball and the Mets (23)
Peter has been a die hard baseball fan since 1950, and a die hard Mets fan since their inception in 1962. During the glorious mid 80's Peter travelled around with the team while compiling pictures for his 1987 book celebrating their 25th anniversary. Since then, Peter has followed the team relentlessly, with some photo opps here and there. Check this section out if you just love the Mets, regardless of rational thinking.
Bob Marley (21)
Peter was lucky enough to travel around within Bob Marley's inner sanctum during the late 70's, while documenting reggae music for a book called "Reggae Bloodlines." Although that book is long out of print, these images of Bob linger on, as his legendary status continues to grow.
Four well-received books written or co-authored by Peter (including his latest book "MARTHA'S VINEYARD - To Everything There Is a Season") with photographs of course!
Counter Culture (46)
Mostly during the 60's and 70's, Peter lived on the cutting edge of what was then called the "Alternative Lifestyle." This series of photos shows people living communally, seeking spiritual awakenings, and exploring various aspects of psychadelia. And the beat went on....
Historical Images (54)
An ardent photojournalist since the mid 60's, this selection of images highlights many of Peter's captures while working for various newspapers and magazines during the turbulant political and cultural changes of the late 60's to mid 70's. Peter still takes an iconic historical shot these days, but most of this section deals with the times when they were a-changin'.
Led Zeppelin (15)
Peter went on tour, briefly, with Led Zeppelin in the Spring of 1975 in Southern California. He was working with Stephen Davis for an article for the Atlantic Monthly. Although the story never ran, many of these photos surfaced in the book "Hammer of the Gods." And just now, a new book detailing that year even more intensely, our new collaboration, has just been published. It's called "LZ - '75" from Gotham Books! Peter's iconic shot of Robert Plant flailing his arms while exclaiming "I Am a Golden God" remains one his signature pieces.
Legendary People (196)
Peter has been lucky enough to photograph most of the people he has admired through the years in, mostly, informal and initimate settings. This category displays some of his favorite pieces, both time honored and more recent. You my be familiar with many of these images, as many of them published or displayed around the world. For larger selections of Bob Marley, Carly Simon, Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead, please select those individual categories.
Marthas Vineyard (65)
This category represents a fairly comprehensive look at what Peter considers his favorite images of his beloved Martha's Vineyard. More such images can also be seen in the "Seasons," "Over The Vineyard" and "Pete's Latest Picks." Peter has photographed the Island relentlessly for over forty years, so this portfolio represents a mere fraction of his total body of work.
Over The Vineyard (168)
The Vineyard, as seen from above, shows the delicate balance between land and sea, with the scrape of mankind thrown in between. Peter has flown around the Island many times, mostly in a red "bi plane" with no windows. These images depict the Island from a special point of view that few can have. Enjoy the ride!
Petes Latest Pics 2014 (99)
Each year, Peter selects some of his most memorable images from the previous year. Here is a sample of his latest outpourings. Admitedly, a few of these were taken in the early months of 2015, but who is really counting?
Through the years, Peter has published a series of posters that make some of his most iconic Island images affordable for the casual collector. These are mostly in the 24 X 30 inch format and ready for framing!
Reggae and Jamaica (260)
Since 1976, Peter has been back and forth to Jamaica maybe 20 times. Iyt all began when he took photos for the groundbreaking "Reggae Bloodlines." Two subsequent reggae books ensued, including 2007's "Reggae Scrapbook." These images are culled from his passion for reggae, the rasta lifestyle, and the Jamaican vibe. Peter has recently honored by the Jamaican government for his contribution towards the exportation of its' music and culture. Many images here are iconic, and have been admired and collected by reggae fanatics all over this land.
SEASONS on The Vineyard (124)
And the seasons..they go 'round and 'round. On the Vineyard, the harsh elements of winter, blooms of spring, rush and tumble of summer, and outpourings of color and reflection of autumn are all seen here in various ways. Peter is currently in the process of producing a magnificent coffee table book of the passage of these times. Here is a preview of what you might be seeing in hard copy someday soon!
Selected Images from THROUGH THE LENS (210)
In 2014, Peter released his 4 hour, two DVD set"Through the Lens." The product itself displays over 400 images. In this selection, Peter has chosen his favorites, and has added a few not included on the DVD, just for curiosity sake. These images represent a fairly comprehensive, cronological overview of Peter's extraordinary and wide ranging body of work.
Still Life and Abstractions (64)
While known more for his celebrated people portraits, landscapes and lifestyle manifestations, Peter also has an eye for the abstract, painterly images that cross his lens from time to time. Many of these types of photographs prove to be his best sellers for those who display his art on their walls.
Street Life Social Commentary (144)
This section focuses upon Peter's continual gaze at the social landscape that evolves before his eyes. Many of these shots make political or economic statements. From protests to be ins, from the Occupy movement to urban decay, Peter has always wanted his photographs to take a stand and make a statement. Perhaps the most frequent theme that runs through most of these images is that of income inequality.
The Grateful Dead (134)
This section has recently been expanded in order to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Peter's favorite band, ever. As a hopeless Dead Head aholic, Peter has had rare opportunities to photograph the band behind the scenes as well as on stage. Many of these images have been published in books, newspapers and magazines, and in CD booklets, and collected and treasured by many Dead Heads around the world. The value of these shots continues to grow.
The Simon Taylor Collection (162)
This is a greatly expanded look at his celebrated family, many of these images never seen before. The musical talent that swirls from the Simon/Taylor connection down to the next generation boggles the ear, mind and soul. Some of these frames try to capture some of that genious.
The Vineyard Calendar 2019 (0)
In it's 31st year of publication, Peter's latest Vineyard Calendar 2019 is chock filled with Island scenic and lifestyle photos, as well as quotes, annual events and historical anecdotes. Grab your copy now!
Peter Simon's newest project- "Through the Lens - Celebrating 50 Years of Personalized Photojournalism"!
Travelogue (50)
Although Peter tends to stick close to home these days, he has managed to travel a bit overseas, to the tropics and points in between. Here is a nice sample of his pictures taken while "on the road."



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